Well after months of work, we have finally released the new dunk systems for Basketball Classics. Check out these hype trailers we made:

We can’t say enough for all the people who have graciously shared their feedback with us to help develop these new dunks. The retro sport gamers, NLSC, and the Steam community as a whole have been awesome. Also, as we have worked with Akihiko Shimoji (Tecmo Super Bowl), this was something that he most wanted to see developed further.

The concept here was to incorporate more elements of “fighting style” games. Also, we wanted to better capture the spirit of a styled dunk. Finally, the biggest concerns we heard from the Steam community were:

1) Dunk results shouldn’t be left to chance.
2) If you beat your defender to the hoop, they shouldn’t show up in front of you to contest the dunk.

Hopefully you feel as we do, that each of these concerns have been addressed with the new dunk systems. Now in order to block a dunk, you simply have to be on the same level as the dunker- and this is reflected visually in real time. Also, if you do beat your man to the hoop, the chasedown dunk is initiated instead. This chasedown dunk is a more natural fit for the button mashing mechanic and better resembles what is actually happening on the court.

Anyway, we would love to hear your honest feedback. Hit us up through Steam, email, or social media.