I’ve had a blast getting to know the Retro Sports Gamer crew. These dudes are carving out a much needed spot online with live streaming of retro sports tournaments. They are leading the pack when it comes to e-sports tournaments for the most beloved retro sports titles. They do weekly streams with responsive chat; tons of Tecmo Super Bowl, NHL ’94, heavy doses of NBA Jam, and much more.

Well the RSG crew have been very supportive of Basketball Classics from early on. Shoutout to Lumberjack Cracks! Even though the game is somewhat of a departure for these NES/CRT purists, they are totally behind the spirit of it. The Tecmo Super Bowl style gameplay and classic basketball references are not lost on them.

We wanted to show our gratitude and feature them on the game. This RSG team will be unlockable through the Story Mode+ that will be coming soon. However, you can see the team in action tonight (10/29) streaming live from Tom’s channel.

Plus, they have invited us for a live interview next Sunday night (11/4). We’d love to have you participate in the chat!