Namo Gamo is a two person independent game development team. Josh and I are the co-founders. I teach digital media at a high school, and Josh is a gifted composer and app developer. We both grew up loving video games in the NES era and decided to team up on our first big project, Basketball Classics, in December of 2015.

Dave, co-founder of Namo Gamo

Dave holding a cake.

We quickly discovered our affinity for game design brainstorming ideas about this throwback basketball game. We both believe Tecmo Super Bowl was the perfect sports game with an incredibly intricate framework but super simple gameplay. In short, our joint enthusiasm for this project stems from collecting too many HOOPS trading cards and a reverence for what Tecmo accomplished.

Josh, co-founder of Namo Gamo

Josh wearing his game face.

Our approach to development has been deliberate. A highly cooperative method has made even minor decisions thoroughly considered. We see this independent approach as a great advantage. Josh does the programming and sound design, while I specialize in the visual design of the game and the character attributes.



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