Basketball Classics

Basketball Classics is a new video game born from a love of the great ballers of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. 5 on 5 pro basketball, arcade-style action built for single or multiplayer gameplay.

We set out to create an all-new basketball experience, just like we used to see in the early days of video games. This had to be fast-paced, rhythmic, and include play calling. Then, we wanted loads of teams and players from different eras, and the players needed to have attributes that make a real impact. Finally, 3 button gameplay, pixel art with a limited color palette, and chiptune music would capture the retro vibes.

Release Timeline

The game has been in early access for over a year now and the feedback we have received has been invaluable. We are proud of a 92% positive rating and hope to continue to find ways to improve.

We are shooting for a full release by Thanksgiving. This will include the exciting new “street” arena, a story+ mode with several new unlockable teams, and new halftime shows along with a few minor AI improvements. Then, we are committed to making further updates on the game after release, including expanded rosters in the future.

Finally, our biggest goal is to get onto more platforms. Our audience is looking for more ways to enjoy Basketball Classics, and we are working to make it available on the platform of your choice.

Reach Out

We seriously cherish hearing from our audience. Please feel free to contact us on Twitter or email us: info (at)