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Vertical game cover – Original – Best for print (CMYK)
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5 on 5 Pro Basketball born from the golden era of sports games. This spiritual successor to the 8-bit ballers bridges the gap between retro and today’s simulation games.

  • Side-scrolling, sweaty arcade action
  • Simplified 3-button gameplay
  • Decades of rosters with 175+ teams
  • 1000+ players with individualized attributes
  • Seamless play calling
  • Sensational cut scenes
  • 1-Player Story Mode unlocks secret teams
  • In-depth stat tracking through a full season of play
  • Scream-inducing local multiplayer
  • Retro vibes galore
  • No virtual currency. No pay-to-win. No micro transactions. Ever.

Side-scrolling, arcade action is paired with on-the-fly strategy. 3 button gameplay is easy to pick up, but it is the dynamic play-calling that elevates this title beyond just long bombs and acrobatics.

Attribute-rich players make up a vast set of rosters. Dig through decades of teams to find your favorite All-Stars and even unlock the “Legends” in an immersive story mode.

This game is a passion project for us indie developers here at Namo Gamo. We hope you can feel the love put into every pixel, the endless adjustments to stat-driven gameplay, and the genuinely retro sound and music.

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Event Spotlight
Hero Spotlight

Instruction Manual

Click Here to download a PDF of the Game Manual for Basketball Classics.

Snippet of the Game Manual.


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Team Selection
Jump Ball
Dunk – Solo
Match Settings
Street Court – Arena
Season Setup
Season Wrap-up

Pull Quotes

Tom Stahnke – Retro Sports Gamer
Ian Ferguson – CU Podcast
Andrew Begley – NLSC

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