We are so excited to share this great experience we had over the weekend!

The video below is just the championship match from what was a super competitive, 8-player tournament. We loved seeing the different styles of play that were being used from player to player- not to mention all the different teams that were selected.

Needless to say, the new dunk systems worked flawlessly. All players seemed to like the changes.

We tried something new with this tournament by holding it at a local retro game store. Worlds Game Store in Salt Lake City has the most complete collection of retro games and consoles I’ve seen in the area. Coming from somebody who pieced together his own measly 100+ NES game collection over the span of several years, it is pretty impressive to see probably 500 NES games, even more SNES games, and a hearty load of Genesis games all on display. Sure the prices are absurd, but its still a super cool store. Like the Anthropology of retro video games.