Andrew Begley of the NLSC has been a fantastic supporter of Basketball Classics from the earliest of Early Access. Honestly, I can’t say enough about his contributions and openness towards a completely unknown, indie sports title.

If you’re unfamiliar with the NLSC, it has been at the forefront of basketball video game media for over 20 years. Andrew himself has been invited to sneak previews of several NBA Live and other AAA titles. His positive approach has caught the ear of the giants of the industry. Many have even flown him around the globe for special events.

Well we felt super lucky when he invited us onto his latest podcast. Check it out here, along with a whole bunch of articles, mods and YouTube reviews for basically every basketball video game imaginable:

NLSC Podcast – Episode #262 (Namo Gamo Interview)

Thanks so much for having us on Andrew! And for the rest of you, look forward to some NLSC related additions to Basketball Classics.