We’re excited to introduce our Instruction Manual for Basketball Classics.

Basketball Classics – Manual

Josh had really been pushing for this since early on in development. Personally I never really understood why he had such a crush on manuals, until I started diggin through these NES Manuals.

Spent hours digging through these awesome manuals. Mostly made before computer assisted design according to my calculations.

Captain Skyhawk

Original artwork with gradients and 3D art in Captain Skyhawk. And check out the ripped edges!

Zelda II

The incredible and beautifully illustrated novel that is the Zelda II manual.

lone ranger

Detailed map and two-page spread layout in the Lone Ranger.


A mixture of original artwork and photos of a CRT in the entertaining Metroid manual (second edition).

Pro Wrestling

Some actually deep instructional content in these. Like Pro Wrestling for example.


Never played this game Faria, but the manual is absolutely a work of art.


X-Men. One of the NES games that you really had to have the box to get your money’s worth.

Swamp Thing Notes

The Swamp Thing Manual doubles as a diary.

We wanted to make our manual simple, entertaining, but still rich with content. Ojala that this helps show off some of the depth of the game and maybe even share some useful tips.

Snippet of the BBC Manual. Oh no – looks like someone ripped one of the pages!

Follow the link at the top of the post to see the full manual, or check it out through Steam. We’d love to hear what you think.