What do Scott Joplin, Mike Iuzzolino, and Pong have in common? The Basketball Guyaries Podcast has the answers.

If you’re like me, you love podcasts. Well one of my dreams is to be asked onto a podcast, you know, like a big star. The next best thing I guess is to search out a podcast and invite myself on. Would that still make me famous? No?

Well, Michael and Phillip at the Basketball Guyaries are super cool. They put together a brainy, fresh spin on basketball history each week. They do research, stay organized, and keep it fun to listen to. I was thrilled when they accepted my offer to have us on the show.

Honestly, they took a risk having us on. After all, we could have made a bunch of mistakes, like spending way too long describing our game, having a constant giddy laugh, comparing NBA 2K to Creed, or breaking into a lecture on resolution… oh wait.

Anyway, you should really check them out. If you are a Celtics fan, you have to check out the one on Kevin Garnett or the Larry Bird Trilogy- but you can really join in at any point. We had a blast with it. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Josh did awesome. The mistakes were really all mine.

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