If you’re like me, you love podcasts. Well one of my dreams is to be asked onto a podcast, you know, like a big star. The next best thing I guess is to search out a podcast and invite myself on. Would that still make me famous? No?

Well, Michael and Phillip at the Basketball Guyaries are super cool. They put together a brainy, fresh spin on basketball history each week. They do research, stay organized, and keep it fun to listen to. I was thrilled when they accepted my offer to have us on the show.

Honestly, they took a risk having us on. After all, we could have made a bunch of mistakes, like spending way too long describing our game, having a constant giddy laugh, comparing NBA 2K to Creed, or breaking into a lecture on resolution… oh wait.

Anyway, you should really check them out. If you are a Celtics fan, you have to check out the one on Kevin Garnett or the Larry Bird Trilogy- but you can really join in at any point. We had a blast with it. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Josh did awesome. The mistakes were really all mine.