The Retro Sports Gamer has formed a real community on YouTube. If you are like me, this channel hits a spot that seems lost with the homogenization of current sports video games.

Well suffice it to say, this Chicago crew knows their stuff. Think of any sports game you played as a kid and chances are, these guys have covered it. They just wrapped up a few live streams of their local tournament this week and actually included Basketball Classics in their lineup! We were thrilled to say the least. It was incredibly valuable for us to watch sports gaming experts turn on Basketball Classics for the first time and watch them pick up on the details of gameplay and player attributes.

The Videos

So you might not have a full 4 hours to commit to the video above, but definitely check out the 3 point buzzer beater from C-Houston around the 27 minute mark.

Or when SG-Utah inexplicably speed boosts for the real championship at 1:35:30.

Then after the tournament was officially over, they streamed another tournament that pretty much got dominated by 1989 Chicago.

What We Saw

  1. It would be great to get the game on consoles.
  2. Mort may have thought we stacked the Utah teams. We promise we didn’t!
  3. The speed bug gives players inhuman, Tecmo Bo Jackson level powers. Probably need to squash that one.
  4. Passes are getting picked off a tittly titch too many times.
  5. Button mashing on dunks is a controversial topic.
  6. Chicago must be the sports mecca of the world because they were dropping k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e.
  7. This was such a treat for us to watch. Having our game being played in the same room as tecmo super bowl had me like…

Anyway, a hearty thank you to Tom and the guys for putting this together. Hope you guys enjoy watching as much as we did.