Draft night in the NBA is a fascinating time. All the scouts and workouts and prayers in the world can’t guarantee that a team makes the right choice. Sometimes, an entire season of tanking has to be endured just for the chance to land a difference maker. Make the wrong choice and you are left watching the player you passed up tear through the league for the next decade.

Basketball Classics will be released in just a few short hours on Steam, early access. We’re starting to feel like this dude…


To me, the most interesting part of the draft is the question- who is this kid, really? Are they going to work hard? Will they be a ball hog or a team player? Bold in the face of adversity or will they wilt like a flower?

We are determined to make Basketball Classics an exceptional game. By purchasing the game on early access, our customers will be taking a chance on us. We are grateful to all those that adopt this early on in its life and promise to make this worth your while. Thanks for your support!

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