What is the Basketball game featured on Atari VCS Indiegogo?

You may have already heard about Atari’s new console, the re-imagined Atari VCS. If not, definitely check out the Atari VCS Indiegogo Page. Everyone seems to agree that this new console has some beautifully designed hardware.

Now the big question for Atari is… content. What will be on this new console?

When we look at the page itself, we see Atari classics like Asteroids, Gravitar, and Centipede being played. Then a feature of Tempest 4000 (which looks incredible, being played with only the joystick!).

But what is this mysterious basketball game I see?

Is that Basketball Classics by Namo Gamo? The first 5 on 5 pro basketball game to feature decades of rosters filled with attribute rich players, on-the-fly play calling, and retro vibes galore? The one with a Story Mode and unlockable teams? I heard they worked with Akihiko Shimoji from Tecmo Super Bowl! It’s been years in the making. You can even get the game now through Early Access and become part of the development process.

We were so excited to see this! Here is a re-imagining of THE mother of all retro gaming in the Atari VCS, and our game shows up. What an honor for us to be tied to this project.

Atari may no longer be Nolan Bushnell or
Howard Scott Warshaw, but they have definitely captured my imagination of what a new gaming console could be. They have been nothing but cool to us. This hardware looks incredible, the concept is intriguing, and they are listening to the fans. I will be getting the Collectors Edition All-in-one.

As for future content, officially Atari is saying the following:

By Spring 2019 when Atari VCS ships, we plan to have new and exclusive games for you to download or stream, including reimagined classic titles from Atari and other top developers that are ready-to-play, with even more to come!

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